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DiscoverMe is a web based application that works with your organisation's existing systems to improve ways people can share their skills and experience with other people across the organisation. To do this, DiscoverMe has been designed to improve how you can:

  1. Search for people with specific skills or experience;
  2. Contact a person or a group of people you've found by searching for skills;
  3. Create and maintain a useful profile of your own or your team's skills, expertise and experience.

Use this knowledge base to find out how to get the best out of DiscoverMe, whether you are using the system or configuring the system for others in your organisation to use.

Knowledge Base Documentation

The documentation contained in this knowledge base is made up of articles and links to other online guides that will help you better understand how DiscoverMe can work for your organisation.

The knowledge base is being continually updated as we develop new capabilities in DiscoverMe. We also include answers to questions we receive from users and administrators of DiscoverMe.

Topic Organisation & Navigation

The way we organise the articles and links in this knowledge base may change as we develop new features in the software and add to the body of knowledge here. You can see the current topic sections and articles on the left. This navigation is available on all pages.

That said, the quickest and easiest way to find content you're currently interested in is to use the search box above. As well as giving you a list of relevant articles, it also shows you what type of article they may be based on the topic section they're in.

Once you've found an article to read, you can jump to different headings in the article by clicking on the Table of Contents area on the right hand side of every article page. There are also links to any subsequent or previous articles that may exist in the current topic section. As this is the first article in the 'DiscoverMe Overview' topic section, you'll only see a 'Next Article' at the bottom of this page.

DiscoverMe YouTube Channel

There are also links here to play lists and individual videos on the DiscoverMe YouTube channel. As with this knowledge base, we are continually updating the videos available on YouTube. We'll add links to future videos here but the best way to keep up to date with new videos is to subscribe to the DiscoverMe YouTube channel. If you subscribe on YouTube, you can also choose to receive notifications when we create new videos.

Next Steps

The articles in this DiscoverMe Overview section will take you through the main concepts we use when building the features you'll use. Understanding these building blocks should help you when using or configuring the software. Click on the 'Next Article' below to learn about the concepts we work with in DiscoverMe, or you can of course just browse or search the knowledge base as you wish.

We hope you find this content useful!

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