DiscoverMe Knowledge Base

Welcome to the Knowledge Base

DiscoverMe is a web based application that works with your organisation's existing systems to improve ways people can share their skills and experience with other people across the organisation. This knowledge base provides guidance for those people configuring or just using the system. We also provide access to this documentation to any organisation considering DiscoverMe as a way to reveal the skills and expertise their people already have.

The documentation contained in this knowledge base is made up of articles and links to other online guides that will help you better understand how DiscoverMe can work for your organisation. The knowledge base is being continually updated as we develop new capabilities in DiscoverMe. We also include answers to questions we receive from users and administrators of DiscoverMe.

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Use the navigation tree on the left to browse the overview documentation or link to the DiscoverMe YouTube channel videos. You can also click here to go straight to the Introduction article in the DiscoverMe Overview section.

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If you are interested in exploring the capabilities of DiscoverMe in more depth, click here to register and gain access to additional knowledge base content.

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