Discover your team's hidden expertise.

  • Provide enhanced skills & experience profiles across your Company.

  • Different people or departments can have different skill categories.

  • DiscoverMe exploits AI to connect you with subject matter experts.

  • Powerful expertise search, collaboration & Team Builder.

  • DiscoverMe deploys as a Microsoft SharePoint add-in.

  • You can now deploy DiscoverMe from the SharePoint Store in under 5 minutes

  • Integrate, analyse or just present DiscoverMe data in other systems.

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DiscoverMe + Microsoft Project Cortex

DiscoverMe builds on the technological advances in artificial intelligence that platform vendors are providing.


Microsoft just announced (22 September, 2020) the launch of SharePoint Syntex, the first available component of their Project Cortex initiative that was announced last November.
As Microsoft roll out more Cortex products, DiscoverMe will continue to take advantage of their new programming interfaces.
DiscoverMe builds on these advances in AI so your people can find and connect with subject matter experts - TODAY.
In just a couple of minutes, a person can update their profile and then be found by anyone searching for those skills.

How our Customers use DiscoverMe

This two minute video provides insights into how some of our Customers are using DiscoverMe in their businesses, especially during these challenging times.


Try DiscoverMe Online for Free

To see if DiscoverMe is a good fit for your team, you can experience enhanced user profiles in your own environment in 4 easy steps:


Deploy DiscoverMe Online direct to your environment from Microsoft AppSource.
Assuming you allow this in your SharePoint system, this step usually takes less than four minutes.

Demo Data

Import the optional 'Jump Start' demo data sets. Alternatively, you can just use any existing SharePoint term store data with DiscoverMe.

Provide Access

Give up to 100 people access to your DiscoverMe Online trial simply by giving them access to the site that hosts the add-in.

Use & Assess

Test for yourselves the value of enhanced user profiles, easier profile updates and improved expertise search. It is very easy to retain any trial data should you decide to keep using DiscoverMe.
Get the DiscoverMe Online free trial

See DiscoverMe in action

Subscribe to our guidance videos on the DiscoverMe YouTube channel.

How DiscoverMe Helps

Here are a few of the benefits DiscoverMe can bring to your team.


DiscoverMe focuses on doing two things really well:
It makes it so easy for anyone to find others with specific expertise, skills or experience and contact them;
By simplifying things, DiscoverMe encourages people to update their profiles, making their skills discoverable.
In just a couple of minutes, a person can update their profile and then be found by anyone searching for those skills.


DiscoverMe deploys as an add-in to Microsoft's SharePoint platform, using existing IT infrastructure and processes. 

DiscoverMe can use any version of SharePoint Server on premises from 2013 onward, or just use SharePoint Online. 

There is also the option to have DiscoverMe licensed as a self-contained hosted solution, linking to your existing SharePoint Online or on premises environment. 


Customers can implement any specific privacy and compliance policy requirements in their configuration of DiscoverMe. Staff can be informed about how DiscoverMe presents their information to others in the enterprise. 

Employees can be asked to provide explicit consent for their data to be used in DiscoverMe. They can also export a copy of all their data and Administrators are provided with features to easily remove any Employee personal data if there is any requirement to 'Forget Me'.


In 2019, DiscoverMe was certified to the highest technical security standards available within the test labs at the US DoD.  

DiscoverMe has been designed and built from the start with security, privacy and performance as design principles. The above certification was achieved with with zero vulnerabilities.

Customer Testimonials

We help prospective and existing Customers with their plans to get the best out of our DiscoverMe products, supporting them with their environments that host DiscoverMe or providing guidance on taxonomy, information architecture and governance. Here's what some of them are saying about us:


Manager of Information Systems
David Geffen School of Medicine @UCLA
"While searching for a SharePoint Taxonomy based solution for tracking specialized staff training records, we came across FidraSoft's DiscoverMe® solution through SharePoint taxonomy experts WAND.

The delivered SharePoint integrated application not only solved our initially scoped use case, it also provided great potential for enhancing collaboration between our research staff at large.

WAND's personal introduction to FidraSoft's product and the brilliant efforts of FidraSoft have delivered the custom solution we were looking for."


Chief Executive Officer
"When getting our business ready for launch, the team at FidraSoft were fantastic and really helped get us off the ground. At what was already a very busy time for us, it was great to have such a helpful, competent, talented and trusted team to help us out.

They had a better understanding of our IT needs than we did and they just stepped in and sorted everything out. They were easy to deal with, quickly responding to any questions we had and accommodating the inevitable changes we needed as we set up our information systems. 

FidraSoft did a brilliant job and I can’t recommend them highly enough."

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With DiscoverMe, you can start uncovering all the hidden talents your team members have within just a few days.
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